First Laugh

After weeks of anticipation for Alaire’s first laugh, she made it a memorable one.  This story is slightly at Gradama Rita’s expense, but she enjoyed a good laugh over it as well, so we’ll go ahead and tell.

Milking our last few days of vacation and taking big advantage of Grandma babysitting services, Graham and I snuck in 9 more holes of golf this morning with Art.  When we arrived home, Alaire was hungry (and I was glad) so we rushed down stairs to fill her belly.  After feeding, I layed her on the bed to talk and play and realized her one-sie was on backwards.  Graham joined us, and I said to Alaire, “Don’t tell Grandma, but she put your shirt on backwards,” both Graham and I chuckled…and to our surprise, miss Aaire joined in with a great big belly laugh! We both laughed harder and she answered with an even louder and bigger laugh, sending both Graham and I into a fit of matress rolling giggles.  Well done Grandma Rita!

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