5 Months Today!

Alaire is 5 months today.  Three weeks into daycare and of course her mellow personality and easy smiles make her everyone’s favorite (I’m sure all the moms say that, but for us it’s true!).  Each day, Miss Andrea tells me, she’s such a doll!  This month, we battled our first real sick germs including a bad head cold and the dreaded ear infection, but we chalk it up to the fact that we will build important immunities.  Alaire now rolls back to front with ease, front to back is still a bit hard.  Last Wednesday we ceased with the swaddling because she broke my swaddles (an impossible task up until now), now she sleeps snuggled up in sleep sacks.  Without the restriction of the swaddle, she wakes up a few times a night to chit-chat, but we know she will get comfortable with her new found freedom and resume her 12 hour sleeps.  We do find her in all kinds of strange positions in her crib.  My favorite so far was finding her feet poking out of the crib rails, using the night- stand as a foot rest.  I love this 5 month stage of giggles, babbling, snuggling (my girl loves to snuggle when you hold her close) and seeing the joy and recognition in her eyes when she sees her mommy and daddy.

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