Alaire’s first work of ART

This is Alaire’s very first art project!  YAYYYYYYY! Who says 5 month old babies can’t finger paint?  I cracked up today when my new friend Melissa, mom of Alaire’s boyfriend Wattson, looked at her son’s painting and said, Oh Wattson!  Your painting looks angry!  What can we say?  We’re already disturbing our children!  I’m pretty sure Alaire will hate me for the Poo Chronicles!  I’ll have to amend this post tomorrow with a photo of Wattson’s painting.  I think Alaire is already showing the crafty talents of both her Grandmas and her Aunt Larisa!

One thought on “Alaire’s first work of ART

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE… Just read the last couple of posts. Can’t wait for another night of watching her beautiful little smile!

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