Dear Alaire…

I just recieved this text message:

Dear Alaire,
Thank you so much for teaching me how to blow raspberries! I practiced all evening and working on it again today. Love Watts.

So Alaire replied:
Dear Watts,
Aren’t raspberries fun! Especially when you eat your carrots, they splash all over your mommy, daddy and miss Andrea! When you get really angry you can let all of the annoying adults know how you feel by blowing big continuous raspberries. My parents especially love it at 1am! Then when you feel silly, you can blow happy smiley raspberries! Can’t wait to see you Monday and we can practice.

This Raspberry-blowing thing really has gotten out of hand. Yesterday, everyone at daycare was laughing because Alaire gave the Assistant Director, Sarah, a carrot shower during lunch. And, lately, Alaire hates having her diaper changed, so she blows big loud continuous raspberries to voice her irritation.  Now she is recruiting her innocent little daycare friends into her raspberry blowing brigade!!??  Is my sweet little girl destined to be a mischievous ring-leader??!!

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