Baby Proofing

Little Audrey at daycare is a month and two days older than Alaire and serves as a bit of a milepost for when Alaire will start scooting, sitting, crawling, grabbing and getting into lots of trouble.  Last month after being away from daycare for a few days, we returned to find little Audrey crawling all around like a quick little bug and pulling herself up.  Needless to say, baby-proofing began the next weekend.  However, old houses make baby-proofing quite UN-user-friendly! The word no, might have to be our best baby-proofing mechanism! But, good try Dad…

Baby Proofing 2



Baby Proofing 3





Baby Proofing 4







Baby Proofing 5





Baby Proofing 6





Baby Proofing 7

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