First Thanksgiving

What a treat to have all of us kids home to my parents for Alaire’s first Thanksgiving.  Cousin Katelyn swept Alaire away to play. Grampa Don was forced to hold negotiations with Katelyn for some Alaire holding time.  Warms my heart.

Our Thanksgiving outfit (courtesy of Grammy & Grampa, from a garage sale hosted by a women who adopted a baby girl from China, the little girl wore the outfit on her first Thanksgiving) made it until JUST before the family photo session (oops).

The family photo session brought some laughs.  We told my nephew, Colton, that the last photo could be a funny one, but everyone forgot to relay the message to the deaf folk.  Thankfully, Andria & Andy are incredibly gracious and saw the humor as well.  One day when there’s time (ahhh that sounds like a lovely, but impossible phenomenon), maybe we’ll have to do some Photoshop magic!










One thought on “First Thanksgiving

  1. The Raspberry videos made me laugh out load…..that was fantastic.

    Cousin Mike

    ps: 3.5 inches of snow this evening, so we have white Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all

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