42nd Christmas at the Ranch

This was Grandma Sally’s 42nd year hosting Christmas at the Ranch.  It’s pretty amazing to stop and reflect on how our family has changed over these years.  Thinking of those we’ll never stop missing even though time supposedly heals.  Celebrating the babies born – every grandchild and great grandchild has a place of honor hanging in the family room.  My siblings, cousins and I were once the babies and now we bring our own…I cherish these moments now more than ever and love sharing this life-long tradition with my husband and baby girl.

Some day I would love to share Gramma Sally’s story: raising four children, starting and running two businesses with my grandfather, losing my uncle to cancer, finding true love at 58.  Through it all, she displayed only grace, strength and fierce love for those she cares about, all traits I hope to discover in Alaire.

But I digress…Christmas was a wonderful day!  Alaire got TWO versions of the Night Before Christmas! One, a bear that recites the poem from Grammy Sally & Hank, and two, a book with a tape-recording of F.A. & U.G reading her the poem.  Grammy & Grampa Z got her much needed clothes (thanks Mom & Don, practical is good).

First Christmas outfit purchased in Prairie City, OR by F.A.

Oh, by the way, Alaire has developed an alarming habit of sticking a lizard-like tongue…it was hard to get a photo without that crazy tongue!

IMG_4587 IMG_4600 IMG_4610 IMG_4617 IMG_4635 IMG_4639 IMG_4644 IMG_4648 IMG_4650 IMG_4658 IMG_4667 IMG_4671 IMG_4681

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