Grandma & Grandpa Vail visit

Since meeting Graham, Art & Rita’s visits are one of the things I look forward to most, especially now, with Alaire.  While Skype enables weekly visits so Alaire can hear her grandparents voices and show off her new tricks, of course there is nothing like our in-person visits.  This trip, Alaire had her first visit with Santa (no tears) and we spent a couple of nights at the beach with Larisa, Jessie & Zach.  Grandpa Art also got a very special t-shirt from Alaire!  And, Alaire got a hiking backpack from Grandma & Grandpa so we can do lots of hiking when we visit Arizona this winter!

IMG_4346 IMG_4353 IMG_4402 best1 7006138_2 photo(10)

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