Wattson’s Goodbye & Birthday Party

Everyone warned that upon starting daycare/school, our children’s friends’ parents would become our new social circle. Though we haven’t quite felt the full effects yet, meeting the Wozniaks made for some fun times. Graham enjoyed talking beer making with Jules. I enjoyed hashing over Alaire’s newest antics and talking work/life balance with Mel. We all loved clinking our glasses filled with rare beers (that only the Wozniaks could possibly find); full and happy on a Saturday afternoon.

Truly, Alaire & Watt’s made friends from the very first day of daycare, September 7th. At their newest daycare, two stories stick out: Watt’s teacher told Mel that Alaire was back in her crib crying and Watt’s tottled over and began banging on the sleeping room door in concern. And then one day, I dropped Alaire off and Watts was standing on the other side of large bench seat with a gate. He was fussing a bit. I stood Alaire opposite of Watts.  He grabbed both of her hands, held them, then she started to cry too. Standing there, both sobbing, holding hands – I fumbled for my camera but missed the moment.

We’ll miss our dear friends, but will definitely visit them in Telluride Co!

IMG_6242 IMG_6125 IMG_6162 IMG_6226 IMG_6239

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