The day I helped mommy garden

Back in July, Alaire helped me with a day-long mid-summer clean up of the yard. I was thankful for two nap breaks, but as you can see, we had lots of fun. One trait I seem to have passed on to my daughter, is the knack for really embracing a task and getting as messy as possible. For example, you may remember the photo of Graham and I tiling; we both spread mortar all day, but somehow I was the only one with the awful stuff from head to toe. You should also see me bake pies and paint. Back to the story, for some reason, I couldn’t keep Alaire on the grass, she preferred the dirt, which was fine, until I witnessed a childhood right-of-passage: she was eating dirt. “Yucky!! Spit it out, lgh, lgh, lgh!” Another favorite was to stand directly under the fuchsia after watering; Alaire’s very own outdoor shower. I loved this day.

IMG_6551 IMG_6555 b IMG_6557 b IMG_6558 b

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