Where the boys are

Monday morning started out as any other Monday morning; except that maybe we moved a little more slowly from the long weekend.

Upon arriving at daycare, we took off Alaire’s coat and jacket and then I turned to fill out her sleep and eat report. As I turned around, I saw Little Mr. Johnathan and  Alaire embracing. “Wow!” I exclaimed. But they didn’t separate. I fumbled to unzip my pocket, pull out my phone, unlock it, and they were still hugging by the time my camera was ready to snap the moment.They remained unfazed by my picture taking.

Suddenly, the other boys realized what was happening. They ran over and stood watching, apparently waiting in line for their turn!?

Finally, Alaire & Johnathan separated. Alaire realizing others were waiting, took the opportunity to initiate a group hug with all of the boys.

Why is the song, “Where the boys are” playing in my head right now? Honestly, Graham & I don’t know whether this is adorable or frightening!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

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