After our Christmas Eve Celebration (about 11:30pm), it was time for Santa to get down to business.

It was late, but how difficult can setting up a play kitchen be?

Well. The first photo is Graham, aka Santa, with only 48 more steps to go (according to the directions). I admit, I snoozed during a few of the steps.

Morning coffee to the rescue. As you can see in the last photo, Alaire was kind enough to brew us some in her new kitchen! Sorry Alaire, mommy might need it a little stronger than that!

Thank you also to Gramma & Grampa Vail for the new kitchen!



IMG_8067 IMG_8069

IMG_8071 IMG_8072 IMG_8076 IMG_8077 IMG_8081 IMG_8083 IMG_8085 IMG_8087 IMG_0801[1]

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