Thanksgiving 2013

We celebrated Thanksgiving 2014 at Grammy & Popa’s house in Salem. The day was even more special because Larisa & Orion joined us–Orion was just over a week old!

Mom & Don’s feast was incredible! I wish we had the customary feast photo (in fact, I can’t believe we didn’t take more pictures).

But, we did capture Larisa opening the “Around the World” quilt made by my mom for Orion. She fell in love with the fabric, but because it was out of production, she had to order pieces from around the country. I think it’s one of my favorite mom quilts so far.

Thank you for making Thanksgiving 2013 a special and very relaxing day Grammy & Popa!

P.S. Of course, whenever there’s a baby in the room, below is where you’ll find Don!

IMG_7890 IMG_7902 IMG_7906 IMG_7913 IMG_7922 IMG_7932bh


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