First Ever Vail Family Photoshoot

First ever Vail Family photoshoot. And it was 90 degrees as represented by the Vail rosy cheeks. Sharing them all because we just can’t choose. Huge thank you to my friend and Ruby coworker, Jill Holmes, for her brilliant photography. Her way of capturing light has always dazzled me (and hopefully you too!).

Vail-1Vail-2Vail-3Vail-4Vail-6Vail-7Vail-8Vail-9Vail-10Vail-11Vail-13Vail-14Vail-15Vail-16Vail-22Vail-23 - CopyVail-25Vail-26Vail-27Vail-28Vail-38Vail-39Vail-40Vail-41Vail-42Vail-43Vail-44Vail-45Vail-46Vail-47Vail-48Vail-49Vail-50Vail-51Vail-52Vail-53Vail-54Vail-56


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