Alaire’s 3rd Birthday

Alaire’s 3rd Birthday was a highlight of the year; a sweet family day (Graham and I both took the afternoon off) including Alaire’s VERY FIRST movie in a theater! We went to see the new Cinderella which mesmerizes Alaire to this day. In fact, since seeing the movie, all dresses and skirts must pass a serious “twirl test.” If a dress fails to billow and flutter when spinning in circles it is deemed undanceable or in Alaire’s words, “I can’t dance!” See the movie, you’ll understand.

Alaire’s attention span impressed us! There was only one instance towards the end of the movie when Alaire wanted to mirror Cinderella and dance and twirl up the isles. Since there was only one other group in the theater, we let her play Cinderella and go for it!

For dinner, we did what us Vails usually do when we want a fun, relaxing, lazy evening at home: we order Papa Murpheys. Love at 425 degrees anyone?

We celebrated the following Saturday with a little party of close friends and neighbors. Indeed, we are deep into the princess stage. As Graham often says when I let out a sigh of concern and defeat, “let her have fun being a little girl.” Wise words (as always).

11182062_10204275805471133_1528989444027925424_n 11128386_10204275799950995_5367606614029294549_n

IMG_0681 IMG_0683b IMG_0692b IMG_0698 IMG_0702 IMG_0708 IMG_0712 IMG_0716


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