Emery’s Birth

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From my Journal…

Thursday July 16th, 4am hour
Today is the day. We head to the hospital in less than two hours to coax Emery out. No one, including the docs thought I could possibly go this long! And, today is Aunt Cathy’s birthday. She has no idea we are inducing today, she thinks it’s tomorrow. 🙂

I am excited beyond words, I am excited to experience the birth with Graham by my side.

I am excited to push.

I am longing for the moment when they place Emery on my chest.

I cannot wait to nurse her for the first time.

I cannot wait for Alaire to finally meet her sister who she is already calling, “koo koo butt.”

As I lay in bed last night I reflected on the magnitude of today, one of the most important days in my life and this thought instantly brought me into the present. I will savor every moment of this day.

A huge thank you to my parents for taking Alaire this week. Sunday night brought quite the false alarm. Contractions for three hours! Mom & Don came up about 11pm, then the contractions stopped! They took Alaire home the next morning – huge relief! Graham & I had three date nights this week! Alaire got to go to the bouncy house place and watched her first Shirley Temple movie inspiring rags in her hair at bedtime for morning curls – that kid will do anything for both her Gramma & Grammy! Sit for braids and rags! I can’t even brush her hair.

I have to say in reflection, I feel like I met my goals with this pregnancy. I still feel beautiful. I kept walking to the end, lifted until three weeks ago and this week’s long break between work and baby was a dream. It took me four days to lose the work guilt. Something I’ll do before going back is developing some activity to transition between work and home. I truly want to be present for Graham and the girls (that feels amazing to say, “and the girls,” plural). I know I tend to stew and fret on things all night, zapping my focus and energy. Presence, my presence is the greatest gift I can give to the world, to my family, The same is true for each and every person.

So, in signing off, Emery, my love, my brave and powerful girl (the meaning of your name), I am so excited to meet you to hold your fingers and toes, kiss you from head to toe, and give you all of my love. Your family awaits. You complete our sweet little Vail family. Come fast little one! It’s been a long time coming. See you soon Emery Grace Vail…

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