Arizona 2015

A funny thing happened on the way to the airport…

We planned to enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast at the airport before Graham & Alaire’s flight (of course, I was staying put in Portland due to limited vacation and upcoming baby leave ~ no bueno). Graham and I finished loading the luggage and I buckled in Alaire. I was headed back into the house to get my car keys just as Graham was coming out, “just gotta grab my keys,” I said. Graham replied, “uh, the house is locked.” No bueno again. We never replaced the spare key in its hiding place and the house was locked up tight. Long story of debating short, we decided that our only option was to break a window in the baby’s room. I cowered out in the garage with Alaire while Graham took a pointed garden shovel to the window. CRASH! I ran into the house to grab my keys. Looking, looking, what!? No keys.

The keys were finally discovered in the cup holder in Alaire’s passenger door. Yes, that means in the car. I cried buckets on the way to the airport exclaiming over and over that my pregnancy brain made me do it. In the meantime, Graham was calling window repair shops with no luck. We did get that breakfast at the airport, although quick. As you can see from the photo below, Alaire was crazy excited to go on the airplane!

Once home, I punished myself by boarding up the window; quite a sight at 6 months pregnant. And, it was my first rodeo using a hand saw so my handiwork was not pretty. Oh well, it worked.

Graham & Alaire enjoyed a wonderful vacation including a trip to the zoo to see baby Elephant Nandi. Lots of trips to the park and the pool. And quite exciting, a rattlesnake on Gramma & Grandpa’s patio!

A week later the window was replaced. Still Alaire, at quite random times, muses “remember how Daddy broke the window last night?” (everything in the past is last night).

Final note, the spare key always gets replaced ~ pronto!

11075155_10204113084043199_3682057810139727663_n IMG_0546 IMG_0550 IMG_0557 IMG_0562 IMG_0570 IMG_0573 IMG_0586b IMG_0601 IMG_0637IMG_2099 IMG_2112 IMG_2124 IMG_2135 IMG_2149 IMG_2154 IMG_2161 IMG_2181

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