Holy Trees Batman!

We all look forward to our almost daily 4 mile walks.  Kenzie gets to sniff and show her baby off to the neighborhood dogs, I get my beloved excercise and Alaire gets a nice long nap bumping and swaying along in the BOB stroller.  But on Wednesday’s walk, no nap!  Alaire stayed awake during the entire stroll.  To my amazement and amusement, every time we walked under trees, her eyes grew wide and bright.  At first I thought a bump in the sidewalk caught her by surprise, but the pattern continued every time we strolled under trees.  I told her that Grandpa Vail (who is a retired forester) will be proud!  Watching Alaire’s wonder of the trees makes me so incredibly excited to witness all of her next discoveries.  Be curious Alaire – for curiosity is one of life’s most exciting gifts that will lead you to many adventures!

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