Friday Date Lunch

Maternity leave in the summertime is a beautiful thing.  Each day offers a menu of warm weather options including long walks, yoga on the patio or soaking our feets in the kiddie pool.  Most anticipated are our 6 mile walks to meet Graham/Daddy for Friday Lunch Dates.  Alaire wears her sweet little summer dresses (that I feel silly dressing her in on days we stay home) and I proudly sport my running skirts (that I was convinced during pregnancy would never fit again).  Graham and I sip IPAs in the warm summer sun talking about life, our family, Alaire’s adorable new tricks, Kenzie’s feet chewing, Graham’s work projects and what fun meal we should make together for Friday night dinner.  Above all else, I’ll miss these Friday lunch dates with my husband when I go back.  We might just have to figure out a way to continue them…

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