4 Month Reflections

Our girl is 4 months today!  This past month she entertained us with some of her best tricks yet!  On July 26th she rolled over for the first time, witnesses present included myself, Grandma Rita & “Aunt” Sheryl LaRoi.  Not to exclude the male folk of the family, her second successful rollover attempt was in front of Daddy & Grandpa Art.  As for sleep, stop reading right now and knock on wood, because this baby sleeps 10-13 hours a night since about two months old!

Even more thrilling is how often she flashes that sweet loving smile that makes me drop the laundry or dishes to run over, pick her up and reward her with a thousand kisses.  Her little laughs come more easily now, but one of my favorite reactions is when she opens her mouth wide and happy like she wants to laugh but nothing comes out.  It sends me into a giggle fit and then she grins even wider and we go back and forth.  I know this phase will pass and soon her noises will be plenty, but I just love it.

Let’s see, other tricks include holding her head up like a big girl and having the cutest, chubbiest, roly-poly legs of any infant known to mankind.  She spends loads of time bouncing in her jungle chair or playing on her ocean mat, babbling and squealing at Mr. Octopus.  She loves bath time with Daddy (I have only given two baths since her birth) and uses those strong legs to splash water all over Daddy and the kitchen floor.  Currently we are working to establish a nap and eating schedule so I can plan my meetings around nursing her at lunch after going back to work.  The cat-nap routine makes for a cranky baby in the evenings so longer naps during the day is our quest.  Some days it is still a battle of wills, she fights sleep, I fight the urge to open the door and cuddle her.

Today I took the opportunity to clean out her dresser since this little chunk is already wearing 6-12 month clothing.  I had myself a good cry fest when I pulled out the little strawberry jammies she wore home from the hospital.  I remember buying the little outfit when I was about 6 months pregnant when I wished every day would move faster so we could meet our little girl.  Now, of course, I wish time would slow down because there will never be enough time in this life to spend with her.

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