Really Mom & Dad? An Octopus?

We know we’ll “hear it” when she’s 16 looking back at photos of her first Halloween, but it is worth every hilarious, adorable moment.  Graham found her costume on Amazon.  We admit, it was chosen because it was the most hilarious out of the baby Halloween costume line-up.  I’m sure you’ll pay us back someday Alaire.

Alaire entertained all of my co-workers outside of my office.
Hanging at mommy’s work, in the chair outside the president’s office.
With Mommy’s Boss.
At Daycare with my best friend Wattson, he’s dressed like Super Mario Bros. Luigi.

Waiting for the elevator, will this day never end?
Now I’m at Daddy’s work!
At Daddy’s Desk, entertaining his co-workers.

Aren’t you two supposed to be my cool aunt & uncle who saves me from these embarrassing moments!?

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