Prairie City, population 905

I am so behind on posting.  It just means we have lots of adventures to share!  First off, Alaire’s second trip to Prairie City, OR, population 905, to visit Aunt Cathy (FA) & Uncle Greg (UG)!  Alaire saw her first snow and sat by her first campfire at FA & UG’s cabin.  Prairie City also had a first, a new Mexican Restaurant opened during our stay so we decided to go to dinner on its opening day (yes, with a baby), but that three plus hour story will have to wait…

One funny tid-bit…about half way to Prairie City, Graham & I realized we forgot the portable crib AND her sleep-sack (OH – four letter word!!!) Little missy slept on a trundle bed surrounded by a variety of creative obstacles including pillows, sleeping bags and duffles, draped with a big sheet tucked tightly around the edges.  As for the sleep-sack.  WELL!  We hit the John Day discount store and bought the ONLY fuzzy suit in her size for $7.95, it was Hot Pink, Purple & Black Zebra Print with a silver sparkly butterfly.  Funny enough, she slept so soundly in them we started calling them the Magic Jammies!

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