Happy 1st Birthday

One of the best days ever. Graham and I took vacation to spend the day as a family and to spoil our girl on her first birthday. After a nice long nap we loaded up the gear and headed for the zoo (or as Graham, enjoying his cleverness likes to say, the stroller convention). A rarity in April, PDX gave us beautiful sunny day (just like the day she was born). The animals must have enjoyed the weather as well, because they put on a good show. After our zoo-outing, we headed to Portland Brewing for lunch and a birthday Sunday. We ended the day with some shopping! New outfits and toys. I learned that we are big suckers in a toy store and she can’t even beg for things yet. Oh well. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. The thought makes me stop every day to hold, snuggle and kiss Alaire. Thankfully, she still likes to snuggle-in for mommy and daddy love, even as she wiggles away for independence to discover that her legs can almost walk. Graham and I can’t help but look at one another and bask in our mutual pride of our baby girl, the best of both of us – and all her own.

IMG_5482 b IMG_5741b IMG_5718 IMG_5692 IMG_5688 IMG_5685 IMG_5678 IMG_5665 IMG_5664 IMG_5633 b IMG_5621 IMG_5580 IMG_5567 IMG_5561 IMG_5543 IMG_5541 IMG_5534 IMG_5533 2 IMG_5528 IMG_5506 IMG_5487


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