May 2013

Well, if you haven’t heard…my family has been quite busy the last 2 and a half months! Mom is WAY behind sharing my newest skills and adventures!  We’ll try to catch you up quickly so we can get to the juicy June stories.

First off, the kiddie pool felt mighty nice during the rare scorching hot spring days. ( BTW, You’re not allowed to laugh at me in my diaper when I’m 16)!
On Mother’s Day, I got to touch Aunt Jessie’s big belly and say hi to one of my new cousins.
I got to play in the balls with all of my friends!
Me and Kenzie shared some snacks (though I get in trouble when I try to sneak Kenzie my dinner…)
I got my very first phone from my friends, Alex & Emma. Watch out Mom & Dad!
I hung out in the back yard with Mom & Dad – they love me so much!
IMG_5967 IMG_5993 IMG_5996
I went to my neighbors, Dan & Erinda’s house for their mini “pork-splosion.” Last year neighbor Dan baptized me in BBQ sauce so he thinks he’s my “Pork Father.”  I am not quite sure what that means; but it must be important since he got me this crazy onsie. Erinda picked out my purple bow, I like wearing bows!





















Finally, two more important things happened in May! First, my BFF, Wattson’s Birthday! Yep, we mean double-trouble.
IMG_6074 IMG_6080 IMG_6044 IMG_6062
AND! I got to visit my cousins in Bend.  I also got to meet my Great Aunt Karen & Uncle Allan. They are very special to my momma. Isn’t my cousin Colton brave? Someday, I will try to do tricks just like him. And, I want to wear sparkly sweaters just like my cousin Katelyn.
IMG_0402 IMG_0404 IMG_0391 IMG_0398

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