Pumpkin Patch

A new family tradition began this year! Our family, my parents, F.A. & U.G. all congregated in Bend to visit the Zink Family (my brother, Nicky, Katelyn & Colton) and to enjoy a stunning fall day at the Pumpkin Patch. Alaire rode her first pony! In fact, when the ponies stopped, Alaire signed and said “more!,” and then had a small tantrum when I pulled her off the pony. Fun to see she felt absolutely no fear about the new experience.

Grandpa Don enjoyed spoiling the kids when more tokens were needed. Those things go fast! Thanks Grandpa!

Cousins, Katelyn & Colton, showed Alaire a pretty darn good time! They pulled her in the wagon, on the bean bag and politely jumped at toddler speed so she could enjoy the big trampoline. We love our cousins!

Another treat, Gramma Sally & Grandpa Hank surprised us all and came over for the afternoon to enjoy lunch at Deschutes Brewing.

To cap off the weekend, we watched cousin Colton’s pee-wee football game (equally fun to watch my brother coach). Colton scored his team’s only touchdown!
Good thing Katelyn & I made fancy signs!
IMG_7481 IMG_7471 IMG_7495 b IMG_7512 IMG_7520 IMG_7522 IMG_7529 IMG_7536 IMG_7544 IMG_7548 IMG_7607b IMG_7610b IMG_7619b IMG_7633b IMG_7643 IMG_7650 IMG_7657 IMG_7662 IMG_7670b IMG_7684 IMG_7689 IMG_7694 IMG_7698b IMG_7700b IMG_7711 IMG_7733b IMG_7736b IMG_7738b IMG_7771 IMG_7773 IMG_7784 IMG_7788 IMG_7792IMG_7800

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