Today’s Drop Off…

Here’s what happened when dropping off Alaire this morning…

“Is this Alaire?” says a nice looking women.

“Yes it is,” I reply.

“My son, Arrow, has a crush on Alaire! He follows her around and gives her kisses and hugs all day.” says Arrow’s mom.

“WOW!” I reply. “I’ll have to meet Arrow!”

Arrow’s mom is names Mel and we introduce ourselves. I think, sorry Watts, the girl seems to be moving on…

Then, when I take Alaire into the toddler room, she runs to sit down right next to Arrow to eat breakfast. I just giggle.

Then, when I leave. I say, “Goodbye!” and blow a kiss. Not kidding, I am rewarded with about 10 little people screaming “Bu-Buy!” and blowing me kiss after kiss!!  Not a bad way to start the day.

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